Month: October 2016

Loram Rail Grinder in Linden

Loram Rail Grinder on the Main Line at Linden

Yesterday, after Norfolk Southern Train 290 ran by with an SD70 leader, a Loram Rail Grinder lined out of the siding at Linden (pictured below). They were taking multiple passes to grind the rails over road crossings. As the…

NS 290 with SD70 Leader on Linden Hill

NS 290 led by SD70 #2515 climbs Linden Hill on a drizzly fall day

At lunchtime today, I was able to catch Norfolk Southern train 290 climbing Linden Hill led by NS SD70 #2515. Photos and video are below. In the video you can hear the Leslie RS3L horn. Photos Video

Standard Cab Dash-9 Leading NS 211

NS 211 led by NS #8880 crosses the South Fork of the Shenandoah River

Today’s Norfok Southern Train 211 was led by D9-40Cs #8880 with a nice Nathan P5 horn. After watching the train come off the Hagerstown District and onto the Washington District’s B-line at Riverton Junction, I got ahead to see the…

NS 211 by Markham

Today I had time to watch NS 211 by Markham, Virginia. My wife took our good camera to take pictures at a field trip so I just had the video camera today. Nothing special for power but it was a…

Two Trains Climbing Linden Hill

On Sunday, Norfolk Southern train 290 followed NS train 12R up Linden Hill only about 10 minutes behind. I realized I forgot an SD card for my video camera so borrowed the one from my camera to shoot video.

NS Rail Train in Front Royal

NS D9-44CW #9736 running long hood forward on a rail train in Front Royal, Va on 10/3/2016

Driving home today after a dentist appointment, I spotted this Norfolk Southern rail train along the B-line near Front Royal, Virginia led by dash-9 #9736 running long hood forward. I’m guessing it was picking up old rail that was replaced…

NS 36Q with a Standard Cab Dash-8 Leader

Norfolk Southern Train 36Q led by NS D8-40C #8848 on 10/1/2016

Thanks to a heads-up from Mike B., I was able to catch Norfolk Southern train 36Q with D8-40C leader #8848 rolling west by B-line milepost 44 in Linden, Virginia yesterday. Sorry no video (I set up at the last minute…

NS 290 with CP Leader

CP #8852 leads NS train 290 near Linden, Virginia on 9/30/2016

Another catch during this rainy week was Norfolk Southern train 290 rolling east through Linden, Virginia on the NS B-line yesterday. Thanks to a heads-up, I headed out to see the autorack/COFC train with lead locomotive Canadian Pacific Railway ES44AC…

NS 203 In The Rain

NS Train 203 at the Fiery Run Road crossing in Fauquier County, Virginia on 9/29/2016

It’s been a rainy week, but here’s a photo and video of Norfolk Southern train 203 passing by the Fiery Run Road crossing between Linden and Markham, Virginia on the NS B-line on September 29, 2016. Power was D9-44CW #9436,…