Month: July 2017

SD70 Leading NS 211

NS SD70 #2544 leads train 211 east through Linden, Va on 7/25/2017.

Thanks to a heads-up from TeeVeeJim, I caught Norfolk Southern SD70 #2544 leading train 211 east through Linden, Virginia past an old Southern Railway whistle post. I didn’t notice until I watched my own video, but a small animal gets…

35Q with GoRail Unit Leading

NS SD60E #6963 GoRail Unit leads NS train 35Q east in Linden, Va on 7/18/2017.

On Tuesday evening, I got to see Norfolk Southern train 35Q led by SD60E #6963. Norfolk Southern painted the locomotive in 2014 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of GoRail: NORFOLK, VA. – GoRail and Norfolk Southern announced the unveiling of…

NS 12R with SD90MAC #7333 Trailing

Yesterday I caught Norfolk Southern train 12R climbing Linden Hill led by NS D9-44CW #9274, SD90MAC #7333 (Ex-CEFX still in maroon paint), and D9-44CW #8981. Soon after the power passes, you can hear the horn sound for a private crossing.