Month: October 2022

Riverton Lime and Stone Narrow Gauge

Yesterday, we met some friends at the Front Royal Festival of Leaves. We checked out the Warren County Heritage Society site on Chester Street and I was surprised to find a three foot narrow gauge Plymouth locomotive and tipple cars…

NS 4003 (Red Mane) Leads Train 25A

Today, Norfolk Southern train 25A was led by NS AC44C6M 4003, painted in an experimental red mane scheme applied at the Roanoke Shops, east on the B-Line through Front Royal, Virginia. Here is a photo and video: Photo Video

Lehigh Valley Heritage Unit Leading NS Train 25A

Norfolk Southern ES44AC #8104 (Lehigh Valley Railroad heritage unit) led a short train 25A (formerly 211) east through Markham, Virginia on the NS B-Line. Aside from the symbol change, 25A also now runs 7 days a week (was previously Tuesday-Saturday).…