Linden Hill: An Original Song Inspired by the 611

Here’s something a little different. In addition to railfanning and photography, another hobby of mine is music. Here’s a home recording of a song I wrote inspired by Norfolk and Western Class J #611 and her crew when it climbed Linden Hill on the B-line pulling twenty cars over wet rails. Many thanks to my friend Julie for her singing the part of the train dispatcher. Free audio download available at:…

Music Video:


Any day’s a good day when there’s a steam trip in the plan.

We’ll need to shove south and get a signal west on the branch.

“But you’ll have 20 cars on the wet rail.

Take a diesel with you; can’t have you fail.

Can’t have you stalling on Linden Hill today.”

We’ve got a dome full of sand so don’t worry about us ma’am.

She’s the queen of steam and she won’t get you into a jam.

“Well if you really know she will with all that tonnage still climb that hill…

Signal indication; have a safe day.”

The defect detector got us in Delaplane.

At the bottom of the hill we stopped and inspected the train.

Going up the hill the drivers started to slip,

but our engineer got ’em to grip.

We were slow but kept ’em movin’ on over Linden Hill.

We were slow but kept ’em rollin’ on over Linden Hill.

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