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NS 228 with an SD70 Leading

Norfolk Southern train 228 is led by NS SD70 #2576, D8-40CW #8463 andPRLX SD70MAC #9559 east through Markham, VA on 10/20/2018.

Many thanks to Cadence for his heads-up on Norfolk Southern train 228 yesterday with SD70 #2576 leading. A photo from Markham and video from Delaplane, Virginia are below. Photo Video

SD70 Leading NS 228

NS SD70 #2539 leads NS train 228 as it makes its pickup at the Virginia Inland Port on 9/29/2018.

Norfolk Southern SD70 #2539 leads NS train 228 as it picks up at the Virginian Inland Port in Cedarville, Virginia on the NS H-line. The ex-N&W H-line is also known as the Shenandoah Valley Line. This photo was taken on…

NS 1069 Virginian Heritage Unit Leading NS 228

NS train 228 is led by NS SD70ACe #1069 east through Marshall, Virginia on 8/25/2018.

Norfolk Southern train 228 was led by NS SD70ACe #1069 (Virginian Railway Heritage Unit) through Virginia. Pictures from Linden and Marshall, Virginia as well as video from Marshall are below. Thanks to Edward on the NS Lurgan Branch Facebook group…

Wabash Heritage Unit Leading NS 228

NS 228 is led by NS SD70ACe #1070 (Wabash Heritage unit) east through Markham, Va on 8/15/2017.

Thanks to heads-ups from Jim, Mike, and Brian, I caught Norfolk Southern train 228 today at lunchtime led by NS SD70ACe #1070 (the Wabash Heritage unit) rolling east through Markham, Virginia. A photo and video are below: Photo Video

NS 228 with NS, CSX Power

"Clear Woods" - NS 228 heads east on the B-line in Front Royal, Va led by SD70ACe #1004 and CSX AC4400CW #376 on 4/22/2017.

Thanks to a heads-up from Paul M. in Hagerstown, I got out yesterday to see Norfolk Southern train 228 east in Front Royal. Power was NS SD70ACe #1004 and CSX AC4400CW #376. Here’s a photo at the Woods control point…

All CN Power on NS 12R West Meets 228 East

All Canadian National Railway power (SD75I 5711, C40-8M 2445 and SD75I 5693) lead NS train 12R on 2/19/2017.

Thanks to numerous heads-ups, I was able to catch Norfolk Southern train 12R with all Canadian National Railway power east in Front Royal, Virginia on the NS B-line. 12R stopped short of the crossing at Happy Creek Road on the…

NS 228 Cresting Linden Hill

Today at lunch I shot a short video of NS 228 powering up over the Blue Ridge Mountains at Linden Hill in Virginia en route to Norfolk.

NS 1067 (Reading Heritage unit) Leads NS 228

NS SD70ACe #1067 leads train 228 east at Linden, Va on 1/28/2017.

Yesterday, Norfolk Southern SD70ACe #1067 (the Reading Railroad Heritage Unit) leads NS train 228 east on the B-line in Virginia. Trailing power was SD70 #2574 and D9-44CW #9185. January 28, 2017. A photo and video are below. The video has…

NS 228 In Front Royal, Virginia

NS ES-44AC #8137 leads train 228 east in Front Royal, Va on 1/25/17

Today I ran a quick errand today at lunchtime and noticed a train in my rear-view mirror along Happy Creek Road in Front Royal. Here’s a quick shot I got after I pulled over. Power was NS ES-44AC #8137, UP…