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Memories of NS 290

My friend Paul recently shared a picture of Norfolk Southern train 290 from a couple of years ago led by two Union Pacific units. He remarked that 290 often had good power from a railfan perspective. Unfortunately, Norfolk Southern discontinued…

NS 290 with SD70M Leader

NS SD70M #2638 and NS ET44AC #3620 lead train 290 west over Linden Hill in Virginia on 1/28/2018.

Today, I was trying to get to the Appalachian Trail crossing to watch Norfolk Southern train 290 with my daughters, but we were a little late and the train was already coming by so we turned the car around and…

NS 290 On Linden Hill

Norfolk Southern train 290 is led by D9-44CW #9438 and SD70M #2605 up Linden Hill on 9/1/2017.

Last Friday, I was off work so went over to Linden Hill to watch Norfolk Southern train 290 on a gloomy day. Picture and video below: Photo Video

NS 290 with SD70ACe Leading

This past Friday, I caught Norfolk Southern train 290 with NS SD70ACE #1089 and SD70M #2582 leading the way. A white car stopped short of the ungated crossing but did not leave much clearance between the front of the car…