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NS 214 West by the Flange Greaser in Linden

NS D9-44CW #9375 leads NS train 214 west through Linden, VA on 4/18/2018.

Yesterday evening, I caught Norfolk Southern train 214 heading west past the flange greaser in Linden, Virginia on the NS B-line. Flange greasers are used in areas with significant curves to reduce friction and wear between the wheel flanges and…

NS 35Q East Up Linden Hill

NS train 35Q is led by D9-44CW #9375 east up Linden Hill on 3/5/2018.

Here are a couple shots of Norfolk Southern train 35Q climbing east up Linden Hill yesterday. In the winter time, you can see Green Hill in the background. Power was D9-44CW #9375 and D8-40CW #8327. Photos