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Norfolk Southern Safety Train

The NS Safety Train is led by NS GP38-2 #5642 south through Riverton Junction, VA on 8/31/2018.

Thanks to a late-night Facebook post by Jon W., I was alerted to the Norfolk Southern Safety Train running south on the NS H-line (Shenandoah Valley Line) early this morning. Fortunately I made it to Riverton Junction this morning in…

NS AC44C6Ms 4003 & 4004 Leading NS train 781

NS AC44C6Ms 4003 & 4004 lead train 781 north at Riverton Junction, Va on 9/6/2017.

Thanks to heads-ups from Mike W. and Kenneth M., I headed out to see Norfolk Southern train 781 on the H-line at Riverton Junction after dinner. Thinking I might have missed the train, I was getting ready to head home…

Standard Cab Dash-9 Leading NS 211

NS 211 led by NS #8880 crosses the South Fork of the Shenandoah River

Today’s Norfok Southern Train 211 was led by D9-40Cs #8880 with a nice Nathan P5 horn. After watching the train come off the Hagerstown District and onto the Washington District’s B-line at Riverton Junction, I got ahead to see the…