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NS K91 with SD40-2 Leader

Norfolk Southern B-line local train K91 passed west by Linden, Virginia last Saturday with SD40-2 #3346 and three cars. In the video below, you can hear the Leslie RS3L horn on the former Conrail unit. Photo Video

NS 211 Led by Ex-Conrail D8-40CW #8461

NS train 211 is led by NS D8-40CW #8461 east near Front Royal, Va on 1/12/2018.

Norfolk Southern train 211 is led by D8-40CW #8461 today as it heads east from Front Royal, Virginia on the NS B-line. Hear the dash-dash-dot-dash sounding of the Leslie RS3L horn as the train approaches the Happy Creek Road crossing.…

NS 227 led by Ex-Conrail D9-40CW #8333

NS train 227 is led by NS D9-40CW #8333 up Linden Hill on 11/22/2017.

This past Wednesday, Thanksgiving-Eve, I was off work and caught Norfolk Southern train 227 led by D8-40CW #8333 (ex-Conrail), D9-44CW #9770 and SD70M-2 #2666 west up Linden Hill on the NS B-line in Virginia. Photo and video below: Photo Video

NS 211 w/ Ex-Conrail D8-40CW #8445

NS train 211 is led by D8-40C #8445 down Linden Hill on 12/7/16.

Today at lunch I headed out to the Appalachian Trail crossing in Linden, Va to watch NS train 211. It was neat to hear the old, fouled Conrail horn approaching. A pic and video are below. Photo Video

NS 211 w/ RS3L Horn

Today at lunchtime I caught Norfolk Southern Train 211 passing east through Markham, Virginia on the B-line with NS D8-40CW #8442, D9-44CWs #8970 & 9057. The leader is an ex-Conrail unit equipped with a Leslie RS3L horn.

NS High and Wide Train with SD40-2 Leader

NS SD40-2 #3381 leads train 981 westbound at Linden, Virginia

Today I lucked out and was able to catch NS Train 981 over Linden Hill at lunchtime with an ex-Conrail SD40-2 leader (RS3L horn). The train is destined for Selingsgrove, Pennsylvania where a power plant is being converted from coal…