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NS Office Car Special Southbound at Berryville

Yesterday Norfolk Southern train 955, an office car special, headed south out of the siding at Berryville, Virginia on the Ex-N&W Shenandoah Valley Line after meeting northbound train 274. The train was led by NS SD60Es 7034 & 7035 which…

NS 13R with SD60E Leader

I was driving up to the crossing when I heard a train coming. I didn’t have time to get out of the car so was just going to grab pics of the numbers so I could post the locomotive numbers…

NS 16T and 51K on the H-Line

NS train 16T is led by NS SD60E #7008 northbound near Front Royal, Va on 9/13/2017.

Yesterday evening, I caught Norfolk Southern trains 16T and 51K head north toward Front Royal on the ex-N&W H-line (aka the Shenandoah Valley line). Power on 16T was NS SD60E #7008 and D9-44CWs #9824 & #9428. 51K’s power was NS…

NS 211 with SD60E Leader

NS train 211 dashes down Linden Hill on the NS B-line in Virginia on 8/8/2017.

This past Tuesday, I caught Norfolk Southern train 211 with an SD60E leader thanks to a heads-up from Jim. Power was NS SD60E #6911, ES-44AC #8057 and SD70M-2 #2665. Photos and video are below. Photos Video

35Q with GoRail Unit Leading

NS SD60E #6963 GoRail Unit leads NS train 35Q east in Linden, Va on 7/18/2017.

On Tuesday evening, I got to see Norfolk Southern train 35Q led by SD60E #6963. Norfolk Southern painted the locomotive in 2014 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of GoRail: NORFOLK, VA. – GoRail and Norfolk Southern announced the unveiling of…

NS 35Q By Marshall

SD60E #7023 leads NS 35Q eastbound at Marshall, Va on 9/2/201

This morning I heard a train from the house as I was getting ready to take my daughter to the bus stop. After the bus picked her up, I got ahead of the train at Marshall, Virginia. It was Norfolk…