Month: April 2018

Norfolk Southern Office Car Special

NS F-9A #4970 leads train 954 north past White Post, VA on 4/28/2018.

This morning I turned on the Norfolk Southern B-line audio feed and heard NS 954 call a clear signal heading west at the B41.4 signal. Living about 8 minutes from the tracks, I knew I wouldn’t make it in time…

Ferromex Leader on NS 203

Ferromex ES44AC #4697 leads NS train 203 east through Linden, VA on 4/24/2018.

Ferromex ES44AC #4697, a truly foreign leader, leads Norfolk Southern train 203 east through Linden, Virginia past a redbud tree on April 24, 2018. A photo and video are below: Photo Video

SD40-2 At Front Royal

Norfolk Southern SD40-2 in Front Royal, Virginia on 4/22/2018.

Last Sunday, I swung by the old Front Royal station on the ex-N&W Shenandoah Valley Line and found Norfolk Southern SD40-2 #3333 sitting there. According to Chris Toth’s site NS #3333 is an ex-Conrail unit, built in 1977.

NS 35Q East Past Yellow Daffodils

NS D9-44CW #9655 leads train 35Q east through Linden, VA on 4/19/2018.

Spring is in the air as Norfolk Southern train 35Q runs east up the west side of Linden Hill on the NS B-line in Virginia on April 19, 2018. A Photo and video are below. Photo Video

NS 214 West by the Flange Greaser in Linden

NS D9-44CW #9375 leads NS train 214 west through Linden, VA on 4/18/2018.

Yesterday evening, I caught Norfolk Southern train 214 heading west past the flange greaser in Linden, Virginia on the NS B-line. Flange greasers are used in areas with significant curves to reduce friction and wear between the wheel flanges and…

NS SD60 #6677 Leads Rail Train

Thanks to a heads-up from Ian, I caught Norfolk Southern train 916 led by NS SD60 #6677 heading west on the NS B-line in Virginia. The rail train was hauling new continuous welded rail. Here are a couple of pictures…