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2021 B-Line Calendar

This year, I finally had enough shots to do an all-heritage unit calendar with NS heritage units leading trains during each month of the year. ┬áThe twelve month calendar features thirteen different heritage units in service on the scenic B-Line…

Disappearing Southern Railway Whistle Signs

The iconic long-long-short-long whistle posts are disappearing from the former Southern Railway B-line. Replacement “W” posts are taking their places. Here are a few shots of trains in the Front Royal/Linden area with the original Southern Railway whistle signs that…

Fall Scenes on the B-Line

I wasn’t out for the most spectacular days but here are a couple shots and a video during our fall season. Unfortunately a very rainy Thursday took down tons of leaves. Photos Video

Southern Heritage Unit Leading NS Train 211

Today, Norfolk Southern train 211 was by by ES-44AC #8099 (the Southern Railway heritage unit) east of Markham at the Sage Road crossing on the NS (formerly-Southern Railway) B-line. Photos and video are below. Photos Video

Illinois Terminal Heritage Unit Leading NS 211

Last Tuesday, thanks to a heads up from Bradley D., I was able to catch Norfolk Southern SD70ACe #1072 (the Illinois Terminal Railroad heritage unit) leading train 211 east past the mechanical bell crossing at Sage Road near Markham, Virginia…

Monongahela Heritage Unit Leading NS 203

Yesterday, ES44AC #8025 the (Monongahela Railway heritage unit) led Norfolk Southern train 203 east on the NS B-line east through Virginia in the rain. (Big thanks to Alex Gillespie for the heads-up!) Photos and a video are below. Photos Video

NS 12R Derailment West of Linden

Norfolk Southern train 12R derailed yesterday morning (May 29, 2020) at Cody (east end of the passing siding between Front Royal and Linden, Virginia). The five locomotives and first 14 cars derailed. Norfolk Southern is already running trains again on…