Month: May 2019

Norfolk Southern Operation Awareness & Response Train

Yesterday thanks to heads-ups from Facebook friends, I got to see specially painted Norfolk Southern GP38-2 #5642 leading train 974 west through Linden, Virginia en route to Shire Oaks, Pennsylvania. This equipment is an operation awareness and response (OAR) set…

NS 13R with SD60E Leader

I was driving up to the crossing when I heard a train coming. I didn’t have time to get out of the car so was just going to grab pics of the numbers so I could post the locomotive numbers…

NS K91 with SD40-2 Leader

Norfolk Southern B-line local train K91 passed west by Linden, Virginia last Saturday with SD40-2 #3346 and three cars. In the video below, you can hear the Leslie RS3L horn on the former Conrail unit. Photo Video

NS 36Q with SD70ACU Leader

Here is a photo and video of Norfolk Southern train 36Q led by SD70ACU #7248. The Norfolk Southern SD70ACUs are rebuilt from former SD90MACs. NS #7248 is formerly a Union Pacific SD90MAC. Photo Video