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NS Office Car Special Southbound at Berryville

Yesterday Norfolk Southern train 955, an office car special, headed south out of the siding at Berryville, Virginia on the Ex-N&W Shenandoah Valley Line after meeting northbound train 274. The train was led by NS SD60Es 7034 & 7035 which…

NS Geometry Train 90G West Through Linden

Norfolk Southern geometry train

Norfolk Southern geometry train 90G ran westbound through Linden, Virginia today with ES-44DC 7676 leading research platform NS 34 and NS research car 99 “Belford.” A video and photos are below: Video Photos Here are a few photos taken of…

Nickel Plate Road Heritage Leading NS Train 27A

This past Saturday, I just missed seeing Norfolk Southern ES44AC #8100 (the Nickel Plate Road heritage unit) leading NS train 274. Fortunately, #8100 came back south on Sunday leading train 27A and I thankfully didn’t miss the second chance. Here…

Steam Tractor in Christmas Parade

steam tractor

Last Sunday, after running the South Berkeley Christmas 5k in Inwood, West Virginia, we watched the annual Christmas parade there. My favorite display was this steamed up steam tractor on a trailer. Here is a video:

NS 4003 (Red Mane) Leads Train 25A

Today, Norfolk Southern train 25A was led by NS AC44C6M 4003, painted in an experimental red mane scheme applied at the Roanoke Shops, east on the B-Line through Front Royal, Virginia. Here is a photo and video: Photo Video

Lehigh Valley Heritage Unit Leading NS Train 25A

Norfolk Southern ES44AC #8104 (Lehigh Valley Railroad heritage unit) led a short train 25A (formerly 211) east through Markham, Virginia on the NS B-Line. Aside from the symbol change, 25A also now runs 7 days a week (was previously Tuesday-Saturday).…

Tree Trimming Along the B-Line With A Helicopter

I shot this video this evening in Linden, Virginia as a helicopter trimmed trees along the Norfolk Southern B-Line. I spoke briefly with a worker who said they do tree trimming along railroads, pipelines, and powerlines. Following behind the helicopter,…