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NS 35Q East Past Yellow Daffodils

NS D9-44CW #9655 leads train 35Q east through Linden, VA on 4/19/2018.

Spring is in the air as Norfolk Southern train 35Q runs east up the west side of Linden Hill on the NS B-line in Virginia on April 19, 2018. A Photo and video are below. Photo Video


NS train 35Q passes east through Markham, Va led by BNSF ES44DC #7413 on 2/24/2018.

Norfolk Southern train 35Q passes by the U.S. post office in Markham, Virginia on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Power is BNSF ES44DC #7413, BNSF C44-9W #5496, BNSF ES44AC #5891 and NS SD60E #6913. Photo and video are below. Photo Video