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NS 27A through Delaplane

Norfolk Southern train passing through the quaint town of Delaplane, Virginia

Yesterday, I was hanging out with family and friends at Three Fox Vineyard and Brewery, which is located in Delaplane, VA. I took a break from the tasting room to video Norfolk Southern train 27A rolling east through the quaint…

Trains this Fall

I’ve gotten a little behind in posting here. I’ll try to catch up in one post sharing some of the train pics and video I shot this fall below. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Photos Video

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday, Union Pacific SD70AHs #9086 & 8981 with C44AC #6739 led Norfolk Southern train 214 west on the NS B-Line through Delaplane and Linden, Virginia. I thought the UP trio of units in American flag paint was very fitting for…

36Q with SD40-2 Running LHF

Thanks to a heads-up from Rob on Facebook, I was able to catch Norfolk Southern train 36Q with leader NS SD40-2 #3403 running long hood forward through Delaplane, Virginia. Pictures and video are below. Photos Video

NS 228 with an SD70 Leading

Norfolk Southern train 228 is led by NS SD70 #2576, D8-40CW #8463 andPRLX SD70MAC #9559 east through Markham, VA on 10/20/2018.

Many thanks to Cadence for his heads-up on Norfolk Southern train 228 yesterday with SD70 #2576 leading. A photo from Markham and video from Delaplane, Virginia are below. Photo Video

SD70 Leading NS 203 Through Delaplane

NS SD70 #2559 leads train 203 east through Delaplane, Virginia on 12/29/2017.

Thanks to a heads-up from Rob, I was able to catch Norfolk Southern train 203 led by NS SD70 #2559 as it passed east through Delaplane, Virginia on the NS B-line. Photos and video are below. Photos Video

The Monongahela Heritage Unit Leading NS 214

NS 1025 (Monongahela heritage unit) leads train 214 east through Delaplane, Va on 9/2/2016

Norfolk Southern ES44AC #8025 (Monongahela Railway heritage unit) led NS Train 214 yesterday. I went on a short B-line chase from Delaplane back home to Linden, Virginia to see it. Here are the photos and videos: Photos Videos