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Recent Heritage Units

The last week has been good for seeing Norfolk Southern heritage units in my area. Last Saturday morning, I saw the original NS and the Monongahela heritage units leading NS 777 with empty hoppers west over Linden Hill. Then in…

Cause Container on NS Intermodals

On March 14, 2019, thanks to a heads-up from my friend Paul M. in Hagerstown, I spotted this “cause container” on NS train 203 this evening in Linden. In a quick turnaround, I spotted it going back north on train…

NS Geometry Train

Thanks to heads-ups from Hank and Rob plus a little bit of luck I was able to see the Norfolk Southern geometry train running east through Linden, Virginia today. Photos and video are below: Photos Video

NS 203 In the Snow

I forgot to post this earlier but I went out to see Norfolk Southern train 203 as a snowstorm was just getting under way on January 12, 2019. Photos and video are below. Photos Video

BNSF Leader on NS 211

NS train 211 passes a MoW train at the top of Linden Hill in Virginia on 10/10/2018.

Last week, I saw Norfolk Southern train 211 led by BNSF ES44C4s #6784 & #6514 with NS ES-44DC #7560 down Linden Hill on its way to Atlanta. Photos and video are below. Photos Video

NS 211 with an SD70 Leader

Thanks to heads-ups from Mark, Jon, and Mason on Facebook I was able to catch Norfolk Southern train 211 today with SD70 #2513 leading. Here’s a shot at the old “Southern Railway” overpass over Route 55 between Linden and Front…

NS 214 West by the Flange Greaser in Linden

NS D9-44CW #9375 leads NS train 214 west through Linden, VA on 4/18/2018.

Yesterday evening, I caught Norfolk Southern train 214 heading west past the flange greaser in Linden, Virginia on the NS B-line. Flange greasers are used in areas with significant curves to reduce friction and wear between the wheel flanges and…