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Norfolk Southern Camp Train

A Norfolk Southern Maintenance of Way camp train has been parked in Front Royal, Virginia recently on the wye and old spur behind the fire department. NS uses camp cars to house MoW employees rather than put them up in…

NS M6T Derailment at Riverton Junction

Closeup: NS train M6T derailed at Riverton Junction, Virginia on 3/4/2021.

Norfolk Southern train M6T (an extra version of 16T) derailed on the curve while moving north through Riverton Junction, Virginia on March 4, 2021. Riverton Junction is where the former Norfolk and Western Shenandoah Valley Line crosses the former Southern…

NS 12Z Northbound on the Shenandoah Valley Line

This morning, I went out and caught Norfolk Southern train 12Z northbound at Acorn Hill (the south end of the siding at Bentonville, Virginia). This location is on the former Norfolk and Western Shenandoah Valley line south of Riverton Junction.…

Norfolk Southern Geometry Train

Yesterday evening, I saw Norfolk Southern C44C6M #4013​ leading train 902 west past Linden, Virginia with research cars 34 & 33. Photos and video are below. The research cars measure and analyze track geometry and find defects. Photos Video

Erie Heritage Unit Leading NS Train 202

NS SD70ACe #1068​ leads train 202 north near Front Royal, Virginia on the former Norfolk and Western Shenandoah Valley Line on February 6, 2021

On Saturday, timing worked out to see Norfolk Southern train 202 heading north on the ex-Norfolk and Western Shenandoah Valley line with NS SD70ACe #1068 (the Erie Railroad heritage unit) leading near Front Royal. A photo and video are below.…

NS 227 on Linden Hill in the Snow

With a two mile long train, Norfolk Southern train 227 stalled last Sunday on the snowy rails going up Linden Hill. After 227 was sitting for a few hours, NS 228’s power cut away from their train and coupled up…

NS #4002 leads train 227 up Linden Hill

NS 227 is led by AC44C6M #4002 (special horse's mane paint scheme) at Belle Meade, VA on 1/24/21.

Here’s a photo and video from today at Belle Meade on the B-line of Norfolk Southern train 227 climbing Linden Hill with a long train led by NS AC44C6M #4002 in a special horse’s mane paint scheme. Photo Video

Disappearing Southern Railway Whistle Signs

The iconic long-long-short-long whistle posts are disappearing from the former Southern Railway B-line. Replacement “W” posts are taking their places. Here are a few shots of trains in the Front Royal/Linden area with the original Southern Railway whistle signs that…

Fall Scenes on the B-Line

I wasn’t out for the most spectacular days but here are a couple shots and a video during our fall season. Unfortunately a very rainy Thursday took down tons of leaves. Photos Video