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NS 227 on Linden Hill in the Snow

With a two mile long train, Norfolk Southern train 227 stalled last Sunday on the snowy rails going up Linden Hill. After 227 was sitting for a few hours, NS 228’s power cut away from their train and coupled up…

NS #4002 leads train 227 up Linden Hill

NS 227 is led by AC44C6M #4002 (special horse's mane paint scheme) at Belle Meade, VA on 1/24/21.

Here’s a photo and video from today at Belle Meade on the B-line of Norfolk Southern train 227 climbing Linden Hill with a long train led by NS AC44C6M #4002 in a special horse’s mane paint scheme. Photo Video

After the Snow

After we picked up a few inches of snow on January 7th, I took pictures of NS trains 227 and 211 on the days that followed.

Fall Foliage Pictures

When the fall colors are good, I don’t care much about whether the power is special. I just want to get pictures of any train with a good backdrop. Here are a couple of pictures from late October.

NS 227 led by Ex-Conrail D9-40CW #8333

NS train 227 is led by NS D9-40CW #8333 up Linden Hill on 11/22/2017.

This past Wednesday, Thanksgiving-Eve, I was off work and caught Norfolk Southern train 227 led by D8-40CW #8333 (ex-Conrail), D9-44CW #9770 and SD70M-2 #2666 west up Linden Hill on the NS B-line in Virginia. Photo and video below: Photo Video