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NS Train 27A Through Cedarville

This evening, Norfolk Southern train 27A had NS ES-44AC 8158, WFRX SD70MAC 8962, WFRX SD70MAC 8895, and NS ES-44AC 8157 for power heading south on the ex N&W Shenandoah Line through Cedarville, Virginia a few miles north of the B-Line…

NS 27A Southbound Through Boyce

A Norfolk Southern intermodal train passes through the quaint town of Boyce, Virginia

Norfolk Southern train 27A is led by NS ES-44DC 7694 today on its way south through Boyce, Virginia on the former N&W Shenandoah Valley Line. Two mid-train DPUs appear shortly after 2:15 in the video below. Photo Video

NS 27A through Delaplane

Norfolk Southern train passing through the quaint town of Delaplane, Virginia

Yesterday, I was hanging out with family and friends at Three Fox Vineyard and Brewery, which is located in Delaplane, VA. I took a break from the tasting room to video Norfolk Southern train 27A rolling east through the quaint…

NS 27A Crossing the Shenandoah

Norfolk Southern train 27A crosses the Shenandoah River on the ex-N&W Shenandoah Valley Line nearing the B-Line at Riverton Junction 3:38p with NS ES-44AC 8171 & NS AC44C6M 4268 on the head end and NS AC44C6M 4625 & NS SD70ACe…