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Recent Heritage Units

The last week has been good for seeing Norfolk Southern heritage units in my area. Last Saturday morning, I saw the original NS and the Monongahela heritage units leading NS 777 with empty hoppers west over Linden Hill. Then in…

More Monongahela!

NS 8025 (Monongahela Heritage Unit) leading train 228 by Linden, Va on 9/7/2016

After leading Norfolk Southern Train 214 last Friday, the Monongahela Heritage Unit passed back east through Linden, Virginia on NS train 228 today. Fortunately, 228 ran on the early side today and I was able to catch it during lunchtime.…

The Monongahela Heritage Unit Leading NS 214

NS 1025 (Monongahela heritage unit) leads train 214 east through Delaplane, Va on 9/2/2016

Norfolk Southern ES44AC #8025 (Monongahela Railway heritage unit) led NS Train 214 yesterday. I went on a short B-line chase from Delaplane back home to Linden, Virginia to see it. Here are the photos and videos: Photos Videos