NS 203 Running Around NS 201 at Berryville

I drove up to Berryville, Virginia today on the Norfolk Southern Shenandoah Valley Line and found southbound NS train 201 waiting at a stop signal. I thought perhaps 201 was waiting for a meet with a northbound train, but the next train was NS train 203 running sound around train 201. I waited for about 20 minutes to hopefully see 201 head south behind 203, but had to leave before any more action. Here are some pics:

NS train 201 is led by NS ES-44AC #8065 at Berryville, VA on 4/10/2022
NS 203, led by AC44C6M #4369, running by NS 201 southbound at Berryville, VA on 4/10/2022.
NS 203, led by AC44C6M #4369, runs south past a similarly painted building in Berryville, VA on 4/10/2022.
The Corner of Station and Main – A pleasant train watching spot in Berryville, Virginia along Norfolk Southern’s Shenandoah Valley Line

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